A Note from the Managing Director

You, Your Business, and Your Products have our undivided attention. Our goals are aligned from day one; improve sales. 

Having worked on both the client and agency side we understand the challenges and frustration of finding a marketing partner that is the right fit for your organization. We are diligent about creating a great experience for our clients through attentiveness, quick turn around, and quality work that delivers results.

Our team brings strong business acumen, which means we understand how to work within the constraints of budgets, politics, cross-functional teams and the works. We quickly adapt to new challenges and just as quickly develop on-target solutions.

We would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you about your marketing and product goals.

Please call me personally anytime. 336-686-3382.

Thanks in advance,
Peter Van Schaack
Managing Director



The Mittkin Origin Story

When I chose the name mittkin, I never thought it would be such a topic of conversation. But, nearly everyone I speak with asks “what is mittkin?” So, here is the origin story.

My then 12-year-old daughter and her friend wanted to make an infomercial but did not have a product idea. I suggested a mittkin.” A what?” They asked. “ A mittkin I replied.”

I explained how tired I was of always picking up and putting down my napkin. There had to be a better way. “How about a mitt that you wear on your hand while you eat so you can simply wipe your mouth with the back of your hand?“ So, they set off to make their infomercial and I set off with the new name of my marketing agency.

Enjoy the mittkin infomercial.