Customer insights are at the core of our solutions.

Knowing the objective truths about market trends and customer needs are the building blocks for delivering world-class marketing.

Get a Better View of the
Customer Experience

The Goal? Zero Friction



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fail to meet customer experience expectations

Put the Customer Experience (CX) First

Before driving new website traffic, consider the customer experience. We optimize and create a frictionless customer experience where the entire engagement is intuitive, helpful, and reassuring. From impactful copy to a natural site flow we turn a customer journey into an informative and enlightening experience that increases acquisition and improves retention.


Keep out the Blah-Blah. Focus on the win-win.

Digital Advertising

Drive & Convert Traffic

We use the latest technology to find and convert leads more effectively by building, managing, and optimizing campaigns from the ground up.

Google PPC • Display Advertising • Contextual and Retargeting Ads. 

Automated eMAIL Marketing

Relevant Communication that People want to Read

Acquire new customers and sell more to existing customers. We create meaningful and relevant content that compels prospects to take action. Our automated campaigns deliver a dependable ROI.


Copy, Infographics, Video & More

We develop rich content that clearly expresses your product’s unique and compelling value. Our copy and graphics translate industry jargon into features and benefits that improve engagement and conversion. 

Research &

Finding your best customers and market opportunities is what we do.

Customer & Market Research

Get the Insights that Matter Most

Learn what motivates and influences your customers’ buying decisions.

With access to the most current research data we create a comprehensive market view to determine how to best position and market your services.


It’s Your Reputation

We understand how to build a brand that stands out from the crowd.

A brand that  matters to prospects and customers alike.

Work with us to own the hearts and minds of your target customers.

Product Positioning

Better Align and Resonate with Customer Needs

We help express your product’s unique value and carve out a clear market position.

A position that resonates with your customers’ needs and differentiates itself from the competition.

Marketing Strategy

Cut Through the Noise

Built on research, we develop marketing strategies that align products, with business goals and customer needs.

With the same research we know which marketing channels to target to provide the best ROI.  

To support new strategies we also design and develop the marketing stack needed to optimize your future marketing needs.

Digital and Web Development

A top-notch team is at your disposal

Marketing and CRM Technology Integration

Sales Enablement

Give your sales team the advantage they deserve.

We work with sales and marketing teams to create agreed upon and effective sales enablement solutions.

The result is an integrated marketing solution that aligns with the sales team’s needs and improves acquisition.

We also develop custom CRM apps to tailor a solution for your specific business’ needs.

SaaS Development

Digital Tools that Improve how we Work

Mittkin’s research and planning is at the heart of developing effective SaaS applications that deliver the solutions your customer’s need most.

Work with us to develop the requirements that will lay the foundation for a smooth development and deployment process.